Our Brand

Below you’ll find our general brand guidelines and downloadable assets to use for marketing initiatives.

Justuno logo
Justuno Logo

Monotone Logo

The monotone logos work best on bright, dark, or busier backgrounds. Use these whenever using the green in the main logo would clash with the design. Make sure that the logo is distinctive and has enough contrast from the background.

Color - Justuno Smile logo
White - Justuno Smile logo

Our Glyph

This is our logo without the wordmark. Use this version when space is especially limited. If the space calls for a square or circular shape, the glyph is the ideal logo. The primary color for the glyph should be green (ideally on white) and the white glyph to be used on backgrounds which require contrast.

Don’t change the smile or stretch/warp the glyph .


Best Practices

Below are several exmaples of what to avoid at all times when using the logo. 

Don't tilt the logo

tilted logo

Don't use on busy backgrounds

busy background logo

Don't stretch or warp

smush justuno logo

Don't use shadows

justuno logo shadow

Don’t use unsanctioned colors

justuno logo wrong color

Don't stack the logo

lines logo bad

Don't use on low-contrast colors

green justuno logo

Don't use the previous logo

old justuno logo

Don't use dark logo on dark backgrounds

darkcontrast logo

Don't block logo or stack behind elements

blocked justuno logo

Don’t use wordmark and glyph in single logo instance

combined justuno logo

Don't use white logo on light backgrounds

lowcontrast logo