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Deliver a personalized experience to every visitor using a more accessible and tailored alternative to Attentive.

Justuno provides high-performing onsite messaging and conversion optimization focused on improving the shopping experience, not disrupting it. Get a personalized walkthrough of the platform to see how you can elevate your website experience today.

Control Your Own Data

With Justuno, you can access your real-time analytics at any time without having to be dependent on an account manager. With today’s fast-paced landscape, agility and speed are key to success; you can’t afford to wait for key performance data when implementing changes.

The Justuno dashboard gives you instant access to key metrics, options for deep-diving into website performance, and more. It’s powerful data in an easy-to-understand report for actionable insights into how customers behave so you can get even better results. 

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Smooth Integration With Your Tech Stack

Justuno integrates with over 100 technology partners, empowering you to automatically send onsite data directly into the ESP, SMS, CRM, or any technology of your choice.

We pride ourselves on customer support and service, giving customers the power to control their data how they want and making it easy to integrate your most important apps. Grow your email list, optimize SMS-based marketing campaigns, and design customer journeys from acquisition to retention and beyond.

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Designs For Everyone

Create lead captures that engage and stand out from the crowd; Justuno’s drag-and-drop design canvas makes it easy to build on-brand pop-ups for every website. Don’t want to start from scratch? We have hundreds of professionally designed templates for every scenario that you can set live in just minutes. Whether you want a sleek lead capture for new visitors, in-page AI-powered product recommendations, or a custom game for SMS subscribers–Justuno can help you build it all.

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Transparent Pricing

Avoid hidden fees and random upgrade charges with Justuno’s plan pricing. Your plan’s price is the same every month, not based on arbitrary impression counts or hidden fees to use different features. Be confident in the ROI you’re getting from your onsite conversion platform from accessing your data whenever and knowing exactly what you’re paying for. Choose between our self-service essential plan and the managed Justuno Plus plan depending on your team size and business goals.

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