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The best Dynamic Yield alternative

Cultivate the ultimate website visitor experience using a more flexible and dynamic alternative to Dynamic Yield.

Justuno puts data at the center of everything we build, including our intelligent visitor profiles which connect anonymous visitors with the consumer behind the screen, so you can always market to the person and not just the data.

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Market to the person behind the screen

Consistently provide value to your audience in order to build your brand and cultivate life-long customers.

With over 70+ ways to segment and target your visitors, Justuno strives to provide the most in-depth and customizable approach to promotions on the market.

Personalization provides context and meaning in an otherwise faceless sea of e-commerce stores. Convincing visitors to become customers and customers to remain loyal requires advanced targeting rules that serve the right promotion to the right consumer at the right time.

Boost email list growth

Increase your lead captures and conversions with Justuno’s flexible, affordable, and powerful suite of conversion optimization tools.

Deliver valuable, personalized messaging to:

  • Reduce Cart Abandonment: Encourage customers to complete their purchase with targeted pop-ups.
  • Run location-based sales: Use location to geo-target visitors and offer personalized incentives and promotions.
  • Target specific audience segments: Use advanced segmentation rules to serve specialized audience-specific messaging and promotions.

Pay less and still get more

Don’t sacrifice your on-site experience with Dynamic Yield. Get access to all of our features and 95+ integrations at no extra cost. Justuno is the affordable and functional alternative to Dynamic Yield.

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Win the race and the conversion

In today’s world, the slightest delay in a page loading can make prospective customers bounce from your site before even experiencing it.

That’s why Justuno doesn’t block other content on your site from loading, leaving your site speed unaffected and your on-site promotions optimized.

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