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We’ll help you identify critical aspects for conversion success, curate a personalized onsite experience, and unlock your untapped potential—so you can walk away with a comprehensive understanding of your audience. From in-depth visitor segmentation to a crystal-clear grasp of the customer journey, this is your secret weapon for achieving exponential ROI growth.

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Justuno + Flowium: Unleash Your Potential

Justuno + Klaviyo

  • Enhanced list growth (Email & SMS)
  • Zero & first-party data collection
  • Email & SMS automation strategies
  • Database segmentation & growth

Rethink your marketing approach. Explore personalized email marketing and SMS services thoughtfully tailored for your eCommerce brand!

At Flowium, we use time-tested strategies to deliver result-driven email marketing. From actionable email insight to strategy optimization, our team of experts is here to help fuel sustainable growth for your business! Maximize your ROI, amplify engagement, and create unforgettable experiences for your audience with Flowium + Justuno.

The Audit: What’s Included?

1. Email & SMS List Growth —  

Strong performance starts with a strong database, see how your email & SMS opt-in rates compare to other Justuno customers in your industry. Identify where you can optimise your lead captures, including incentives, targeting, design, and more. Justuno’s deep integration with leading platforms like Klaviyo, Omnisend, Attentive, Postscript, and more, you’ll be able to personalise and improve campaign performance with ease.

2. Reduce Cart Abandonment —  

Reducing abandoned carts is key to increasing conversions, improving ROI, and retaining customers. Understand how to pre-emptively reduce exits using advanced targeting and optimized messaging to keep more of your traffic onsite and converting.

3. Increase Conversions —  

Identify key areas to improve overall conversion rates from all visitor segments and referring traffic sources.

4. Improve AOV —  

Increase the average order value of your conversions using personalised product recommendations and other BOFU messaging to curate every visitor’s experience.

5. Improve ROAS —  

Improve the ROI of all off-site marketing and acquisition campaigns. From campaign-specific onsite messaging to Audience Sync for retargeting and prospecting—Justuno will help you realize your full paid media potential.