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Wondering where customers are falling off? Let us do a free audit of your CRO and lifecycle. We’re sure to reveal opportunities to get more revenue from your hard-earned traffic.

We’ll compare your current results to industry benchmarks and we’ll share recommendations for how to improve your customer retention with Justuno and Klaviyo.

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Brands partnering with us average a 6x return on their investment in us within a year.

Let our team of senior-level experts help you get the most out of Justuno and Klaviyo, so you can focus on all your other priorities. 

Justuno & Klaviyo

  • Enhanced list growth (Email & SMS)
  • Zero & first-party data collection
  • Email & SMS automation strategies
  • Database segmentation & growth
  • Improved store conversions
  • Better Customer Experience

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About Fuel Made

Fuel Made is a boutique agency that helps Shopify brands with $5-$50 million in revenue generate more sales and grow a loyal community of fans by building intelligent email/SMS marketing strategies and crafting high-converting copy and designs.

The Audit

  • Justuno and Klaviyo ecommerce strategy experts will analyze your existing visitor journey and email systems for opportunities to improve your customer retention.
  • Fuel Made will share a personalized Figma file of data-informed copy and design recommendations from our senior-level team.
  • Justuno will share a bespoke conversion rate optimization audit illustrating how you can convert better onsite and supercharge your list-growth.
  • You can then implement the recommendations yourself, or engage our team for further assistance. Your choice!  

Request My Complimentary Audit

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