Strategic Marketing Solutions

More than just pop-ups, Justuno helps clients to create integrated marketing solutions that turn visitors into customers. 

Read the use cases below to learn how our suite of conversion optimization products helped clients create personalized, omni-channel experiences that drove conversions.


Scale your marketing strategy.

In order to continue their rapid growth, Pura Vida Bracelets needed more insight into their customer and visitor behavior.

Using Justuno, Pura Vida increased their conversion rate by over 15% in one month thanks to the improved messaging control and in-depth analytics. 


Widen your audience.

While Snow Monkey’s vegan ice cream was already available in grocery stores, this traditional brick-n-mortar business wanted to reach new buyers and drive online revenue.

Utilizing a geo-targeted paid media and email marketing campaign, Snow Monkey collected over 4,200 emails, which ultimately had a 42% open rate.


Reduce cart abandonment.

As a growing company in a niche industry, this active-lifestyle sunglasses company needed to increase brand awareness and conversions all at once.

Running lean with a small in-house marketing team, Shady Rays capitalized on the Professional Services team’s expertise to ultimately reduce cart abandonment by nearly 8%.


Increase paid ad effectiveness.

A luxury dental floss company on a mission to make flossing fun, Cocofloss depends heavily on the traffic they drive from social campaigns.

By improving their Facebook audience targeting and presenting a unified and seamless website experience, Cocofloss reduced their average Facebook CPA by 25%.

mutesix agency

Improve client retention.

Los Angeles-based marketing agency, MuteSix, focuses on paid social advertising, email marketing, and on-site conversion optimization.

By deploying Justuno to quickly grow email lists and create on-site retargeting messaging, MuteSix has been able to squeeze even more value out of their clients’ budgets.

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