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Justuno is the premium on-site promotion suite for retailers looking to drive more ROI from their marketing efforts. We help you build high-converting site experiences that enhance offsite campaigns and their effectiveness.

If you’re looking for a low lift cost effective way to target window shoppers by leveraging your reviews and UGC try out Justuno x REVIEWS.io.

These Customers Chose Justuno


Of visitors are more likely to convert when they engage with a review.


On average, Justuno clients see over 135% lift in online revenue in their first year.


Join thousands of industry leading brands leveraging Justuno.

Justuno: What’s Included

Lead Captures —
Build your marketable database with onsite lead captures designed to convert visitors into email or SMS subscribers.

Product Recommendations —
Create intelligent product recommendations with multiple base algorithms like bestsellers, upsell, cross-sell, and more, plus filters for the ultimate personalized shopping experience.

Abandoned Cart Reminders —
Reduce bounce rates and cart abandonment using Justuno analytics to target specific products and pages to re-engage shoppers.

Age Verifications —
Use age gates to remain compliant with government and industry regulations to verify visitors’ age for restricted websites.

Pop-Ups —
Show site-wide announcements using pop-ups to provide important information or helpful deadlines.

Countdown Timers —
Encourage same session conversions by creating urgency to increase
visitor engagement and conversion due to FOMO.

Exit Offers —
Engage visitors with exit offers to create urgency with compelling offers and product information when exit behavior is detected.

Gamification —
Create compelling onsite displays with interactive games like spin-to-wins, slot machines, and more to
drive engagement.

Banners —
Display offers with onsite banners designed for general messaging and site-wide displays.