Justuno Partner Referrals

Got a merchant in mind that needs Justuno? You’re in the right place! Fill out the form with your and the merchant’s information, and we’ll do the rest. Once they’ve booked a demo, we’ll send you your reward!

These Customers Love Us and You Will Too

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4.6/5 from 200+ reviews

4.6/5 from 2,200+ reviews

Partner Spiff Details

Not quite sure what the deal is? We’ve got you covered

  • $25 per demo
  • $100 per signed client
  • Uncapped referral rewards
How to Refer
  1. Identify merchants who could benefit from website personalization and optimization. 
  2. Submit your referral via this form; make sure to fill out all pertinent info!
  3. Justuno team meets with merchant.
  4. Once they hold the demo, you get paid!
Who to Refer
  • E-commerce merchants who doing $5-$250M in annual revenue with over 25,000 monthly visitors. Top industries include beauty/cosmetics, fashion/apparel, food/beverage, CBD, sporting goods, jewelry, & automotive 
  • Brands that want to capture more 0 and 1st-party data
  • Brands looking to improve the website experience to drive more conversions 
  • Brands that need help with key metrics like conversion rate, bounce rate, AOV, ROAS, and more.
Why Justuno?
  • Justuno customers see an average 135% lift in online revenue during the first year.
  • Our merchants see opt-in rates double the industry average
  • Justuno’s conversion experts offer an industry-leading strategy on the most advanced conversion platform on the market.
Still have questions?

Reach out to Derek Booth at derek@justuno.com or ping our shared Slack channel!