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Shopify Master Class Series On-Demand

Thanks for registering for our webinar series on how to succeed on Shopify.

Take a look at each video below to learn everything you need to know about getting started on Shopify, building out email flows, utilizing gift cards, maximizing UGC + reviews, SMS marketing, and even, going headless.


Let’s Talk Shopify!

justuno logo

Session 1: Pop-Ups & CRO for Shopify

Stephanie Carcamo

Steph Carcamo, Customer Success Strategist

Use advanced CRO strategies easily to optimize your Shopify store, with Justuno.

omnisend logo

Session 2: Email Marketing for Shopify

Greg Zakowicz Senior Ecommerce Expert Omnisend

Greg Zakowicz, Senior E-Commerce Expert

Learn about how to create high-converting emails guaranteed to drive results, with Omnisend.

shoppinggives logo

Session 3: Charitable Donations on Shopify

Drew Dyer, Social Impact Growth Executive ShoppingGives

Drew Dyer, Social Impact Growth Executive

Learn how to build purposeful relationships through social impact, with ShoppingGives.

smsbump yotpo logo

Session 4: SMS Marketing for Shopify

Olivia Staub Associate Product marketing manager smsbump

Olivia Staub, Product Marketing Manager

Use SMS marketing to reach customers on a 1:1 basis, with Yotpo SMSBump.

loyaltylion logo

Session 5: Loyalty Programs for Shopify

James Oakley Senior Loyalty Consultant LoyaltyLion

James Oakley, Senior Loyalty Consultant

Use loyalty programs to increase retention & deepen relationships, with LoyaltyLion.

fuel made logo

Session 6: Leveraging Zero-Party Data on Shopify

Lisa Oberst Fuel Made Director of Email Marketing

Lisa Oberst, Director of Email Marketing

Learn to use zero-party data for customized & personalized email flows, with Fuel Made.

Session 7: Going Headless on Shopify

Clarissa Jones, Senior Customer Success Manager

Clarissa Jones, Senior Customer Success Manager

Learn how to take your Shopify store headless to power more growth, with Nacelle.

gatsby logo

Session 8: Influencer Marketing on Shopify

Brett Bernstein CEO Gatsby

Brett Bernstein, CEO & Co-Founder

Learn about the power of micro-influencers and how to turn your customers into them, with Gatsby.

Clyde Logo

Session 9: Extended Warranties for Shopify

Jon Knott Clyde

Jon Knott, Senior Tech Partner Manager

Learn how product protection & warranties can drive revenue & customer loyalty, with Clyde.

Smartrr Logo

Session 10: Subscription Experiences on Shopify

Gabriella Yitzhaek Tegen Smartrr

Gabriella Yitzhaek Tegen, CEO & Founder

Learn how to build a recurring revenue engine through subscription programs, with Smartrr.

govalo logo

Session 11: Gift Cards on Shopify

Rhian Butler Govalo CEO

Rhian Beutler, CEO & Co-Founder

Reinvent the digital gifting experience & utilize gift cards, with Govalo.

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