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Thanks for registering for our webinar series on how to succeed on Shopify.

Take a look at each video below to learn everything you need to know about getting started on Shopify, building out email flows, utilizing order tracking pages, maximizing UGC + reviews, SMS marketing, and even, creating social impact.

Shopify Master Class by Justuno

Let’s Talk Shopify!

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Episode 1: CRO

Steph Carcamo Justuno

Steph Carcamo, Partner Marketing Manager

Use dynamic CRO strategies to easily optimize your Shopify store, with Justuno.

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Episode 2: The Lifecycle

Heidi Pauer Tinuiti

Heidi Pauer, Strategist, Lifecycle Marketing

Enhance your Lifecycle marketing throughout your Shopify Store, with Tinuiti.

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Episode 3: Subscriptions

Christopher Kuehn Smartrr

Christopher Kuehn, Director of Marketing

Learn how to build a recurring revenue engine through subscription programs, with Smartrr.

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Episode 4: Must Have Settings/Experiences

Karley Daudell ShipBob

Karley Daudell, Manager of Ecosystem Partnerships

Optimize fulfillment settings and must-have shipping strategies, with ShipBob.

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Episode 5: Customer Marketing Strategies

Adena Merabi Okendo

Adena Merabi, Partnerships Team Lead

Learn about marketing strategies to turn loyal customers into your best marketing channel, with Okendo.

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Episode 6: Data Analysis

Erin Watt Triple Whale

Erin Watt, Tech Partner Manager

Find the data points you need to move the needle in your top channels, with Triple Whale.

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Episode 7: CRO Analysis

Molly Staats Lucky Orange

Molly Staats, Director of Strategic Partnerships

Learn how to enhance website performance with powerful web tracking, with Lucky Orange.

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Episode 8: Email & SMS

Greg Zakowicz Omnisend

Greg Zakowicz, Senior Ecommerce Expert

Learn about how to create high-converting emails guaranteed to drive results, with Omnisend.

Episode 9: Giving Back

Brittany Ho ShoppingGives

Brittany Ho, VP of Accounts

Learn how to build purposeful relationships through social impact, with ShoppingGives.

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Episode 10: Post-Purchase Branding

Yaw Aning Malomo

Yaw Aning, Co-Founder & CEO

Create a branded post purchase experience with these top engagement strategies, with Malomo.

Episode 11: Customer Support & AI

Lisa Popovici

Lisa Popovici, Co-Founder & CMO

Learn how to scale your CX by merging cutting-egde technology with human understanding, with Siena.cx.

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