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Executing a Branded Post-Purchase SMS List Growth Strategy

A fashion/apparel brand came to Justuno and Malomo wanting to do more with their post-purchase experience, specifically collecting SMS opt-ins from customers tracking their orders.


They needed an on-brand tap-to-text opt-in that blended seamlessly with their custom Malomo tracking page for a fully branded experience. Most importantly, it should only show for customers who had not yet opted in, so they were only collecting net new subscribers

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With Justuno and Malomo, this fashion/apparel brand implemented an SMS capture on two custom pages for mobile device visitors to see immediately after they order. The opted in phone number is then pushed to their Klaviyo flow for continued communication and engagement opportunities.


Increase in Post-Purchase Engagement


SMS Tap-to-Text Engagement


Engaged Conversion Rate from Tracking Page

(within a 7 day window, they came back to purchase after engaging with the SMS opt-in)

*90 Day Results

How We Did It

Justuno + Malomo Power Combo

The ultimate scenario to come from the power couple of Justuno + Malomo is the cleanest and smoothest UX update for the post-purchase experience. When you create a branded tracking page and incorporate personalization tactics like seasonal styles, social channels, and product recommendations, you get the optimal chance to funnel customers into your top communication channels. The merchant approached their branded tracking page from a “mobile-first” perspective to create a minimalistic pop-up to gather more SMS opt-ins. They did this with a simple and trackable design that included the basics of a CTA to open the visitors’ texting app, known as tap-to-text, and a simple in-page view to make sure the opt-in looked native to the page.

By setting up a unique tracking page, they opened the door to customization and increased brand engagement with the right channel opt-in at the right time.

“Our integration with Justuno was a no brainer in that it brings together two best-in-breed platforms, giving merchants the ability to get so much more value out of their post-purchase experience. They can now use order tracking as a new marketing channel to easily grow their SMS list, allow for product discovery, target customers in their preferred channel, gamify the experience with spin-to-wins, and much more, all with an integration that takes only a couple of minutes to set up!”
Yaw Aning Malomo

Yaw Aning, CEO, Malomo

With the mindset of not letting any opportunity to engage with a visitor go to waste, the merchant proactively triggers their second SMS opt-in attempt (in one session) across two, top visited post-purchase pages:

  • The Order Confirmation Page
  • The Order Tracking Page

Their tracking page shows strong visit numbers with page views ranging from one to eight with an overall average of two page views per customer. Averaging 2 page views per customer.

Once a customer reaches these important pages, they are served a single CTA, in-page design, that is subtle enough to fit in but intriguing enough to engage because of the copy used – “Real-time shipping updates on your next order!”.

With the post-purchase experiences under a microscope in the digital/social world of today, it is important to give your customers ways to stay in touch with you. Whether that’s email, SMS, or via your app!

“While our Justuno integration unlocks a ton of valuable use cases, the one I am most excited about and seeing amazing results from is SMS opt-in. As you saw in this case study, asking customers to sign-up for SMS alerts during the shipment tracking experience might be the best way across the entire journey for merchants to grow their list. Not only that, but Justuno makes it incredibly simple to segment experiences, so you’re not asking customers who are already opted-in to do so!”
Noah Rahimzedah Malomo

Noah Rahimzadeh, Head of Partnerships, Malomo

Mobile customers delivered a 121.5% increase in SMS tap-to-text engagement from the mobile design alone. With only a one-click action, the design was entirely created with the sole intent of increasing engagement.

The incentive for customers to opt-in to receive text messages was access to a channel that would keep them up to date on their order with real-time updates. After a year, this perfectly placed SMS pop-up has delivered a 22.57% increase in post-purchase engagement, allowing for more 1×1 conversations with their customers.

The brand funneled these new subscribers into the correct SMS list by including a specific keyword in their opt-in language.

Note: SMS providers differ in their keywords and formatting.

This SMS opt-in is a permanent part of the brand’s confirmation and order tracking pages, so all customers will see this design. We call this an “always showing” strategy—meaning it’s available at all times during this specific part of the customer journey (AKA post-purchase).

One important caveat to that is there are targeting rules in place to keep existing SMS subscribers from seeing the opt-in again. While a small detail, it’s huge for personalization, reducing clutter, and overall providing a better CX.

“Consider how often you check your texts and email when you have ordered something—it’s EVERY TIME. You want to know if your package is in the US, in your state, or just down the street. The 3-7 days of shipping time during which an order is in transit presents a perfect opportunity for you to engage your customer and start building a relationship. With Malomo, you can talk about your brand, whether you’re eco-friendly, how you got your start, etc.
You can also display products that complement what they have already purchased and generate excitement about things they may have missed on the site. This is because, during that shipping time, they will be opening your email or SMS. Additionally, it’s a great way to build your SMS list if this occurs post-purchase.”

Miranda Galindo, Manager of Customer Success, Justuno

The Highlights
  • Be a memorable Shopify store
  • Take full advantage of your transactional messages
  • Reduce WISMO, WISMR, & WISME by half
  • Increase channel opt-in metrics, ROI, LTV, & CSAT
  • Tackle shipping issues before they tackle you
  • Build a bullet-proof carrier strategy with in-depth shipping analytics from Malomo & Justuno
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