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The best Beeketing alternative

Convert more of your website’s traffic and turn anonymous visitors into customers, no matter what e-commerce platform you use.

Justuno’s AI-driven conversion platform is built on a foundation of user data, which utilizes intelligent visitor profiles to power an all-inclusive alternative to Beeketing.

One-click integration with Shopify, BigCommerce, WordPress, and more

Justuno is an easy choice for any online retailer looking for an alternative to Beeketing — especially those using Shopify and Shopify Plus who are unable to connect Beeketing with their stores. 

We support one-click integrations with multiple e-commerce platforms, including Shopify, BigCommerce, WordPress, Magento, and more. Join the thousands of Shopify powered sites using Justuno to turn traffic into sales. Check out a few examples of how our Shopify clients have used Justuno to power their success:

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Less is more

Why download multiple apps onto your website to get access to all the conversion optimization tools you need? With Justuno you get all our features in one app; no extra hassle and no slowing down your site.

With Beeketing, some apps are free and the rest have different monthly rates. Here at Justuno, your plan’s price is determined by your website traffic, nothing else. Justuno is the comprehensive and cost-effective alternative to Beeketing.

Complete control + help when you need it

Justuno is fully customizable  —from design to targeting rules to technical integrations and beyond. The sky is the limit in the Justuno design canvas for what you can create.

Don’t want to build your promotions from scratch? No problem, we have pre-built templates you can set up and get live in minutes.

Want access to a conversion strategist for insight and support?  We’ve got an answer for that too. Check out Justuno Plus where you receive a dedicated strategist, exclusive access to our AI-powered features and PRO templates.

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Want even more? Try Justuno Plus

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