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Make opting into your email or SMS list fun for website visitors with a variety of different games to motivate participation and encourage engagement.

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What Is Gamification

Gamification is when you apply gaming elements to a non-game context like marketing to improve engagement and encourage website visitors to take a specific action. Marketers can use gamification to make ordinary calls-to-action more interesting and fun so that shoppers will engage without feeling overly-pressured.

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Increase Engagement With Interactive Games

Gamified pop-ups are a great way to cut through the clutter and stand out from standard pop-ups, giving website visitors a reason to engage so they can see what comes next. These games create an interactive experience, giving customers a sense of achievement that drives them to convert. Visitors often feel like they are losing out on something (#fomo is real..) if they don’t play or convert afterwards, driving them to action.

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Email Profile From Zero Party Data

Zero & First-Party Data Collection

Gamified pop-ups are highly engaging, making them an ideal source for zero and first-party data. Spin-to-wins have an average 13% opt-in rate, which is one of the highest of all the pop-up styles—ask for key zero-party data to personalize their experience and collect first-party data along the way from new subscribers.

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Eye-Catching Product Placement

Use games to display products in an interesting, dynamic way beyond a standard product listing. Unique designs help gamified promotions like spin to win pop ups average 13% opt-in rates, providing an opportunity to lean into brand personality for an engaging, memorable onsite experience.

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“The team set us up with everything we needed to know to get started on our custom-themed game. Our custom slot machine led us to a consistently high opt-in rate and a great branded journey for our customers to start with!”

Jason Murff, CEO, Grill Your Ass Off

Choose Your Game

1. Spin-to-Win — 
Visitors can enter their email or phone number to spin the wheel for a chance to win any type of offer. Automatically apply the reward to their cart for extra incentive to convert that session. 

2. Slot Machine —   
Just pull the lever and wait for a matching row! This fun but low effort game is perfect for subtle animation and low-key gamification.

3. Scratch-Offs — 
It’s like playing the lottery but with much better chances. Scratch-offs are exciting games that are simple to play, interactive, and especially engaging for mobile shoppers. 

4. Mystery Prize — 
Visitors can select the option of their choice, and click to unveil the mystery prize. A simple but memorable game! 

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