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Spin-to-Wins and Gamification Marketing

Games are an enjoyable, unique, and enticing way to engage with your website visitors. On average, we see a much higher customer engagement rate with games than any other product.

Design spin-to-wins or build your very own game. Some of our favorites include slot-machines and mystery choice games. You can use these games to get valuable leads or turn leads into paying customers.

Step right up, step right up!

Unique engagements.

Present your customers with a unique way to opt-in for discounts, special offers, and newsletter subscriptions, or simply add some fun to your web experience.

Better brand experience.

Showcase your products in an engaging way. Through a game you can display your products in dynamic and interesting ways beyond a standard product listing.

An enjoyable interaction.

Give your customers a fun way to experience your brand and website, beyond simply asking for their email address or phone number. Add a little fun to their experience!

You spin me right round.

Gamification is defined as the application of game design elements and game principles in non-game contexts. Marketers can use gamification to make ordinary calls-to-action more interesting and fun so that shoppers will engage without feeling overly-pressured.

Gamification tactics can double your email capture rates and take only a few minutes to implement. By gamifying your pop-ups, you make visitors feel like they are losing out on something if they don’t complete the task, driving them to action.


Put your own spin on it.

Use a spin-to-win that has a variety of free gifts and the winning one is automatically applied to the player’s cart.

This encourages a same visit check out so they can claim their prize, while also making an email opt-in just a bit more fun.

13% Average Opt-In Rate for Spin-to-Wins
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