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GDPR & Cookie Consent Notifications

Stay compliant with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) with cookie consent notifications and banners. Choose from our default GDPR and cookie notification text or customize the copy to fit the specific needs of your website.

Setting up your GDPR banners.

Pre-built templates.

Start with our pre-built templates and modify design aspects, CTAs, privacy policy links or GDPR text to fit your company’s needs.

Audience segmentation. 

Use advanced targeting rules in order to ensure your cookie consent notification displays to users who need to renew consent after 12 months, as well as new visitors.


Country control.

Use geo-targeting conditions to segment your audience by country or region to present your GDPR banner to visitors specifically in the EU.

How does Justuno ensure GDPR compliance?

Justuno takes great measures to protect your data and ensure GDPR compliance. Below is a list of ways we facilitate your website’s compliance:

  • Contact deletion capabilities to comply with Right to Be Forgotten requests.
  • Improved site tracking in order to complement your website’s compliance needs.
  • Cookie consent notification banner themes and pre-built templates.
  • Ability to show consent checkboxes only for EU visitors.
  • Ability to add EU to the list of Countries in our advanced targeting rule country condition.

For more information on Justuno’s GDPR compliance updates, click here.

GDPR Text requirements for Cookie Consent Notifications

To be compliant, cookie notifications must…

Cookie notifications must provide website visitors with specific and accurate information regarding cookies and other tracking technologies used on your website.

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