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Justuno’s Privacy Webinar Series 2021

Thanks for registering for our webinar series on data privacy and compliance.

Take a look at each video below to learn everything you need to know about GDPR, CCPA, the iOS 14 and Google cookies update, and more.



Let’s Talk Data Privacy!

Session 1: GDPR & You

Tanya Plaza, Head of Deliverability

Learn more about the GDPR, what it means for your business, and steps to becoming compliant.

Red Clove Advisors

Session 2: CCPA & The Data Privacy Landscape

Jodi Daniels Red Clover

Jodi Daniels, Founder & CEO

Learn more about the CCPA and how to protect your customer’s data in today’s world.

enquire labs

Session 3: iOS 14 and Data Attribution

matt bahr enquirelabs

Matt Bahr, Founder & CEO

Understand what iOS 14 means for campaign attribution and solutions to implement.


Session 4: Paid Ad Strategies for iOS 14

oliver galange shoelace

Oliver Galang, Senior Strategic Account Manager

Get tips for how to manage your paid ad campaigns in the wake of iOS 14 and attribution issues.


Session 5: Google Cookies & Owning Your Data

Navah Justuno

Navah Hopkins, Director of Paid Media

Understand the importance of first-party data and the impact of third-party cookie removal.

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