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Tech Stack Migration Playbook Series

Thanks for registering for our webinar series on how to execute a flawless MarTech migration.

Take a look at the four episodes below to learn everything you need to know when it comes to migrating between tech platforms. From the questions to ask during the sales process to realistic timelines, crucial backup plans, and more–this series will answer all your questions.


Let’s Talk Migration!

justuno logo
Stephanie Carcamo

Steph Carcamo,
Customer Success Manager

Learn how to take manage onsite data collection while migrating to a new ESP, SMS, CRM, or platform with Justuno.

Mia Bobak Gorgias

Mia Bobak,
Tech Partnership Manager

Learn how to migrate your customer support portal without any interruption to service, with Gorgias.

daasity logo
Jon Pruitt Daasity

Jon Pruitt,
VP of Partnerships

Learn how to manage data attribution + analysis before, during, & after a migration, with Daasity.

Jamersan Logo
TJ Gamble Jamersan

TJ Gamble,
CEO & Founder

Learn how to build out a game plan for migration + pitfalls to avoid, with Jamersan.

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