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Are you an e-commerce blogger or SaaS platform reviewer? Check out Justuno’s Affiliate Program to see how you can grow your business and start earning more today.

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Earn 10% commission

For each account your refer for their first 12-months. Sign up with Justuno’s Affiliate Program to start earning REAL commissions today.

How do I get started?


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Sign up for the Justuno Affiliate Program with our affiliate partner, PartnerStack. We'll review your application and bring you onboard if you seem like a potential affiliate.

Advantages for Justuno Affiliates

Commission rates

Start with 10% of each referred sale for their first 12-months. Some affiliates have the potential to earn an even higher percentage in the future.

Earn as you go

Commission payments are disbursed regularly with no fixed quarterly or annual pay out.


Access to numerous informational and value-add materials that help you promote Justuno to your network.

Intelligent Visitor Profiles

What is Justuno?

Justuno’s proprietary visitor intelligence technology analyzes billions of data points every second to create intelligent visitor profiles that identify, track, and analyze every person who lands on your website.

With this core data powering every layer of our platform, Justuno’s AI-driven suite of conversion tools enables you to create highly targeted and refined customer journey touchpoints that capture and convert leads faster than ever before.

This free and instant analysis of your website performance will show you what Justuno can do for your business.

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