Audience Sync

Audience Sync is a powerful feature allowing you to automatically connect your onsite promotion email lists with Google Ads and Facebook Ads platforms for improved targeting and return on ad spend (ROAS). Exclusively available on Justuno Plus, Audience Sync powers your customer match and custom audiences for paid media campaigns improving targeting, prospecting, and overall conversion rates.

Justuno Audience Sync
Audience Sync Paid Media

Improved Paid Media Performance

Audience Sync helps you invest your Google and Facebook ad spend more efficiently through targeted messaging along the customer journey, quantifiable buyer personas, and improved cross-channel attribution. For Google, you can use customer match audiences on Youtube, search, display, and shopping ads. For Facebook, you can use custom audiences on Facebook or Instagram ads.

Plus, you can improve overall ad performance by ensuring your campaigns are being served to a curated and prequalified audience. Target highly qualified lists and exclude users who aren’t within your target audience, all based on your Justuno audiences.

Seamlessly Connect Lead Capture Lists with Google Ads and Facebook Ads

Prospecting and Subscriber Targeting

Using Justuno lists synced into Google and Facebook, you can build high-value seed audiences for similar or lookalike audiences. Focus on prospecting based on the profitable traits of existing audiences from your lists to find more of your most desirable personas. Audience Sync also enables targeted messaging to those who have already browsed your site but not yet converted, delivering personalized, consistent creative across Google and Facebook channels.

Subscriber Targeting
Data Privacy

First-party Data and Privacy Compliance

Audience Sync passes your Justuno lists directly into your paid ad audience managers using a hashed email list, removing the privacy liability that stems from manually exporting and importing email lists across marketing platforms.

In a world where first-party data is becoming increasingly critical, Audience Sync helps you leverage onsite lead capture as the first step in driving paid media ROAS. Accurately target and personalize messaging for your audiences with earned data rather than relying on third party sources or targeting that won’t always be available.

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