How Pura Vida Increased Sales by 164%


With complete control and scalability, Pura Vida saw email capture rates increase by more than 15% and sales conversions increase over 23% in one month’s time.
Email Capture Rate Increase

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Facing the complex problems of scaling a company, Pura Vida needed a reliable solution with powerful insights. Justuno’s Professional Services team guided the transition of all of Pura Vida’s marketing campaigns to ensure they didn’t miss a beat.

After moving to Justuno, one of Pura Vida’s biggest pain points was solved from the start — data transparency. With Justuno, Pura Vida had full access to brand performance reports, including high-level metrics on acquisitions, clicks, conversions, and more.

About Pura Vida

Pura Vida manages their e-commerce operations around Shopify Plus. Integrating Shopify Plus with Justuno is almost effortless, or as Pura Vida described, “It just connects. The integration was a breeze!”

With Shopify Plus as the e-commerce foundation, Pura Vida built their marketing dream team with other best-in-class technologies that easily integrate with Justuno: Oracle Bronto and Bluecore. Justuno agency partner, Elite SEM, manages Pura Vida’s email marketing strategy, leveraging Oracle Bronto for marketing emails (ESP) and Bluecore for triggered and behavioral emails.

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Since moving to Justuno, we tripled our performance and have understood customer behavior during times of rapid growth!

Griffin Thall
Co-Founder & CEO

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