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Optimized Email List Growth & 18X Conversion Increase

KegWorks is the one-stop shop for commercial bars/restaurants and home bar enthusiasts alike. With over 20 years of online retail under their belt, they’re no stranger to the need for optimization and evolution on an e-commerce site. This is why they came to Groove Commerce, who helped them manage website development and a platform migration from Magento to BigCommerce. To supercharge their new BigCommerce tech stack, Groove Commerce brought on Justuno to streamline email collection and provide more flexibility for KegWorks’ onsite messaging.

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With Justuno, Groove Commerce implemented new email lead captures and exit offers to improve list growth and save abandoned carts on KegWork’s new BigCommerce storefront.


Decrease in Cart Abandonment


Increase in Conversion Rate with Engagement




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How We Did It

High-Converting Lead Captures With More Flexibility

After their platform migration, KegWorks needed to implement email opt-ins that didn’t require developer resources, provided more flexibility for customization, and seamlessly integrated with their new BigCommerce store. Groove Commerce knew that Justuno provided all of that and more, ready for expanded onsite messaging in the future.

After installing Justuno onto KegWorks and integrating it with their Hubspot email service, they started to see list growth almost immediately. On average, 90% of their email subscribers are new visitors—making their email database an almost entirely untapped segment ready to be engaged by the brand.

Once they had a solid email list growth strategy in place, they took it to the next level by collecting user preferences to power more personalized and segmented emails. Since KegWorks caters to both businesses and end-users alike, KegWorks wanted to start segmenting new subscribers into separate buckets for B2B vs. DTC content. Then, they wanted to break those segments down further by the product categories the subscriber is interested in for more relevant Hubspot campaigns powered by zero-party data.

In the future, KegWorks wants to continue personalizing each visitor’s onsite experience. Identifying those likely to be B2B and showing them a lead capture for commercial pricing. Then if a commercial customer is logged into their account, show them the proper promotional messaging they qualify for.

Skyrocketing Conversions + Targeted Traffic Retention

The most exciting part about KegWork’s onsite experience isn’t just the strong list growth. It’s the snowball effect that a strong list and a sleek BigCommerce storefront have on its bottom line. 24.36% of visitors who engaged with a Justuno promotion ended up making a purchase compared to just 1.28% of visitors who did not. That is a 1,803.13% increase in conversion rate simply from creating a more efficient customer experience.

KegWorks’ lead captures are used in tandem with “last call” exit offer and cart abandoner promotions to claim a discount. The cart abandoner keeps nearly 9% of those exiting with items in their cart on site and converts 39.85% of them. While the exit offer ends up converting 19.21% of the exiting traffic it engages.

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Justuno & Groove Commerce

Justuno + Groove Commerce

KegWorks is just one of many clients that Groove Commerce uses Justuno for, using our seamless integration with BigCommerce to power onsite messaging and conversion optimization for brands of all sizes across diverse industries, including athleisure, literature, home goods, and fitness products.

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