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Mobile Promotions

Bigger isn't always better.

More and more shoppers are searching on mobile, but the same promotions that convert on desktop won’t necessarily entice this audience.

Use Justuno’s mobile-specific promotions to make the most of this smaller screen, fire promotions with mobile-friendly targeting rules and convert more of this growing audience.

Little screen. Big results.

Google Compliance.

Forget about search engine penalties. Justuno mobile pop-ups aren’t considered ads and have no negative impact on your site’s SEO. In fact, they could help reduce your bounce rate and average time on page.

Cross-Device Tracking.

Don’t present the exact same offer on mobile as you do on desktop to visitors. Deliver a unique experience every time they land on your website using Justuno’s cross-device tracking and visitor profiling technology. 

Optimized Designs.

Avoid a frustrating user experience with pre-built templates designed specifically for mobile. Create mobile promotions that take over only a portion of the screen and have optimal targeting rules baked-in by default.

Mobile traffic is increasingly taking over the e-commerce industry, especially with Google’s move to a mobile-first index. Without mobile-optimized pop-ups, you’ll not only lose out on these potential customers, but you might also present an annoying mobile experience.

Justuno gives you more flexibility and functionality for mobile promotions than other conversion tools, ensuring your promotions are providing the best possible user experience. Make sure you’re making the most of those tiny screens with mobile-specific pop-ups.

Simplify the mobile checkout process.

If your website drives a strong amount of mobile traffic, then a focus on mobile promotions is critical.

Driving traffic from Instagram and Facebook ads? Use mobile promotions that display the same unique coupon code over from your ad to make the checkout process as easy as possible for visitors.

Utilize scarcity and urgency incentives by pairing this banner with a countdown timer to encourage shoppers to do more than just browse, but also check-out.

During the 2018 Black Friday Cyber Monday weekend, Justuno clients had a 22.65% average mobile conversion rate.

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