Justuno Plus is a comprehensive solution for managing the complexities of a growing retail business. Combining the power of artificial intelligence with the expertise of a dedicated account strategist, growth has never been easier.

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What's Included

Audience Sync

Seamlessly connect your onsite promotion audiences with Google and Facebook ad platforms for improved return on ad spend (ROAS). Use these audiences for more effective cross-channel targeting, bidding, and expanded lookalike audiences.

AI Product Recommendations

Receive access to AI-powered product recommendations designed to boost AOV, intelligently optimize personalized messaging, uncover opportunities, and reveal a deeper understanding of your audience.

Dedicated CRO Strategist

Gain access to a dedicated conversion strategist who combines analytics and fresh strategy with technical expertise for a complete support system for your marketing efforts.

Exclusive Pro Templates

200+ professionally designed promotions for all major sales holidays and beyond. Easy to use and live in just minutes, these templates give your marketing flexibility and convenience.

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