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Coundown Timer Promotions

Give consumers a reason to commit to their cart right now and encourage more same session conversions with countdown timers. These psychological thriller promotions create a sense of scarcity while also driving urgency through limited-time offers. Use countdown timers to put a time limit on promotional discounts and offers, how long an item will be reserved in a cart, or for important deadlines such as guaranteed delivery by a specific date.

Going, Going, Gone!

Intstill scarcity.

Set a time limit for how long an item will be reserved in a shopper’s cart coupled with a display of the product’s quantity left in stock to imply demand and scarcity of the product.

Create urgency.

Deals don’t last forever, and creating a sense of FOMO can be powerful. Use countdown timers to make consumers feel like they may miss out on a deal if they don’t convert today to spur immediate conversions.

Before you go…

Adding a countdown timer to your exit pop-up can make the difference between an abandoned cart and a recovered one. Timers help push visitors down the funnel with the pressure of a potential missed opportunity.

Now’s the time.

Throughout the year, Justuno users saw an average 8.6% engagement rate on countdown timers. But during Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend, those numbers jumped to a nearly 14% engagement rate that converted 22.67% of those consumers to sales.

If you’re having trouble getting your website traffic to convert and find that you have perpetual window shoppers, countdown timers can help you get them to finally commit.

Using timers in conjunction with other strategies or shopping seasons means big wins for retailers and can make the difference for reaching your marketing goals.

Here for a good time, not a long time.

Shipping requirements are the number one reason shoppers don’t complete the checkout process. Whether it’s price or delivery deadlines, countdown timers can help to create transparency from the start so that consumers aren’t surprised and frustrated by the time they reach checkout. Create an in-page countdown timer on product pages to let consumers know how much time they have left to complete their purchase to receive their delivery by a specific date. If you don’t want to offer free shipping nationwide but still want to experiment with its benefits, display a geo-targeted banner for consumers within a certain radius to offer free shipping if they checkout before midnight.

8.6% Average Opt-In Rate
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