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Bryan Anthonys

Intelligent Optimization: Email Capture & AOV

Learn how Bryan Anthonys came to Tinuiti looking to define a clear customer acquisition strategy and used Justuno to implement a full-funnel strategy from onsite email opt-ins to in-cart cross-sells.



  1. How to leverage Justuno to build a better email list faster
  2. Using targeting rules to show personalized offers
  3. Leveraging AI to boost your AOV, Bryan Anthonys saw ~$8 increase!

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Founded in 2015, Bryan Anthonys is an e-commerce jewelry brand who has grown into a multi-million dollar lifestyle brand experiencing tremendous growth from effective onsite optimization.


Increase in New Customers


In Added Revenue From In-Cart Cross-Sells


Increase in Engaged Conversion Rate


Overall Revenue Growth

Intelligent Optimization: Email Capture and AOV

Before using Justuno, they were getting the website traffic they wanted, but not the conversions. On paper, they were doing everything right: a great looking website, backend SEO, effective ads, social media outreach; but something was missing.

Their email marketing agency, Tinuiti, knew that an onsite optimization campaign was the first step needed to help with a clear customer acquisition strategy.

Using Justuno they implemented email pop-ups, exit offers,
and site-wide banners for a more dynamic onsite experience designed to convert their visitors. This produced a 79% increase in new customers but both Bryan Anthonys and Tinuiti knew they could go further.

The second step of their website optimization strategy
involved Justuno’s intelligent product
recommendation engine
to boost their AOV through
personalized upsells and cross-sells. They were able to
reach $200k added revenue from in-cart cross-sells alone.

Let’s dive into the details.

Intelligent Product Recommendations

Using Justuno’s Commerce AI, Bryan Anthonys implemented intelligent cross-sells on their cart and check-out pages. By dynamically displaying other items from related product categories, these slide-outs were especially effective for boosting AOV and had a 126% lift in engaged conversion rate over the standard email opt-in.

One of the best features of Commerce AI recommendations is that they appear native to your site design, creating a stylish, seamless aspect of the checkout process.

The most compelling aspects of Commerce AI are advanced targeting and personalization options. These can turn an obvious last-minute “wait please buy more from us!” pitch into a compelling call-to-action through subtle, relevant suggestions.

Emily Collins Tinuiti
“The Justuno platform is more user-friendly and un-matched in targeting abilities from others I’ve used.”

Emily Collins, Senior Manager CRM & Email, Tinuiti

Email Optimizations for 3,788% Growth

Bryan Anthonys onsite promotions all work together to create a funnel from email opt-ins to sitewide banners, exit overlays, and in-page Commerce AI recommendations. Their opt-in offers convert at an industry-leading 17.15%. Since incorporating Justuno into their MarTech stack, they’ve grown their email list by 3,788%.

Banners to augment their current campaigns, such as Valentines Day or a new product launch; exit overlays to keep shoppers browsing longer and encourage same-session conversions; intelligent recommendations on cart and check-out pages. Together these Justuno promotions create a highly optimized on-site experience to convert at every stage from acquisition to checkout (with a higher AOV to boot!)

The MarTech Stack Dream Team

This sort of streamlined efficiency isn’t just how their marketing strategy fits together but also how Justuno fits into Bryan Anthonys tech stack – a one-click integration with their Shopify Plus store and ESP, Klaviyo, means they can spend less time on managing marketing minutiae and more time on what matters: satisfying their customers.

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