How Shady Rays Captured 200k Email Leads in 6 Months


With help from the Justuno Professional Services team, Shady Rays increased their email list by over 200,000 leads in just six months. Learn how Shady Rays increased engaged conversions while decreasing bounce rate.
Increase in Engaged Conversions

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Within six months, Shady Rays collected nearly 200,000 emails with help from Justuno’s professional services team. In addition, engaged conversions rose by nearly 440%, while their bounce rate decreased by 14%.

Beyond Shady Rays’ initial goals, the collaborative nature of the Shady Rays and Professional Services teams also led to a nearly 8% decrease in engaged cart abandonment and sparked a campaign that found 16% of visitors are more likely to convert if they engage within the cart.

Our Professional Services team is the highest performing service we offer. They’ll provide innovative targeting strategies, experienced insights, and expert design skills for your business to alleviate the burden from your team.

With Professional Services, you’ll receive:

  • Executive Account Manager
  • Complete Installation & Integration Support
  • First Promotion Launched
  • Ongoing Promotion Creation
  • In-Depth Monthly Reporting & Insights

About Shady Rays

Founded in 2012, Shady Rays sells polarized sunglasses and runs lean with a small in-house marketing team. With Justuno, Shady Rays had full access to high-level metrics on acquisitions, clicks, conversions, and more.

And as a Shopify Plus user, Shady Rays was able to integrate their store with Justuno at just the click of a button.

Shady Rays Case Study Mockup

To know the rules, to be able to get things done quickly and to design promotions in line with best practices is something that is turn-key with Justuno.

Chris Ratterman
Founder & CEO

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