How Cocofloss Reduced Average Facebook CPA by 25%


Learn how Cocofloss, a luxury dental floss company, executed a full-funnel marketing campaign utilizing paid social and strategic on-site messaging to achieve some astounding numbers in a short time.
Reduced Facebook CPA
Cocofloss case study

Inside you'll find...

What other technologies are on the Cocofloss Dream Team? They use Klaviyo for email, Justuno for lead capture and personalized on-site messaging, and Shopify as their e-commerce platform.

In this case study, you’ll find how this marketing stack came together to create:

  • Significant growth in email list size
  • High-performing Facebook ads
  • Promotion A/B tests for specific phrasing variants
  • More efficient marketing budget spend

About Cocofloss

Cocofloss, a company putting a fresh spin on flossing, uses MuteSix as their marketing agency to help them grow their company and make flossing fun for all. Download the case study to learn more about how the two worked together to grow Cocofloss’s email base and turned their social ads into marketing magic.

BONUS: Don’t have time to read the case study? Watch the short video above to get the highlights.

cocofloss mockup

Justuno helps drive down CPA’s and produce healthy ROAS. This combined with our email marketing efforts and strategy enables us to deliver a solid full-funnel approach for our clients.

Drew Edell
Director of Email Marketing, MuteSix

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Download the Cocofloss Case Study

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[hubspot type=form portal=289858 id=27148818-a832-4abb-b4fb-2510d2d71515]