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Dynamic Lead Capture Technology Powers 14X Enhanced List Growth

Happy V is a DTC brand committed to raising the standard for women's vaginal health by offering innovative, scientifically sound products. They needed to translate a substantial surge in website traffic, notably from TikTok and online publications, into tangible revenue growth. The challenge was to efficiently capitalize on heightened visibility and engagement to drive conversions and bolster the bottom line.


Their marketing agency, Growth Gurus, brought Justuno on to help with this as a seamless addition to their existing MarTech stack.

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With Justuno, Happy V implemented a variety of dynamic pop-ups establishing a connection before visitors formally opted in for email communications.


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How We Did It

Personalized Communication for Targeted Engagement

Happy V used dynamic pop-ups to proactively capture leads in the early stages of the customer journey, establishing a connection before visitors formally opted in for email communications. This approach was meticulously designed to extract maximum value based on traffic sources – from collaborations with media brands like Byrdie to visitors from TikTok.

These dynamic pop-ups presented a unique opportunity to capture leads in real-time, maximizing value from the intensified website traffic.

Each pop-up resonated with visitor interests using targeted creative and copy, providing a personalized experience dependent on where the visitor came from. This approach not only substantially increased lead capture but also solidified a distinctive brand-consumer connection.

Once combined with redesigned Klaviyo flows, this massive list growth quickly impacted Happy V’s bottom line with annual flow revenue increasing 230+%.

“Growth Gurus has helped us strategically segment our audiences, set up various email flows for our business, implement email capture opportunities on our website, and create a designed look/fell for each of these customer-facing elements.”

Tatiana McDaniel, CMO, HappyV

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Strategic Placement and Seamless Integration

Happy V’s pop-ups were strategically positioned across their online store, seamlessly integrating with their e-commerce platform, Shopify. The cohesive integration streamlined the implementation process, ensuring an impeccably smooth and user-centric experience.

This translated into additional pop-ups beyond Happy V’s list growth strategy. They used a series of AOV-boosting threshold banners offering free shipping to orders over a certain amount. They had a version for cart values less than $50, between $50-$60, and greater than $60.

Overall these banners increased AOV by 5% and for mobile visitors that increase doubled. In addition, these banners averaged a 42% engaged conversion rate with a large percentage of those being same-session purchases!

Happy V also launched a new product during this time and used Justuno’s non-gated pop-ups to simultaneously promote education and product awareness. High engagement rates for both desktop (26.4%) and mobile versions (16.5%) meant a large percentage of Happy V’s traffic clicked through to learn more and many of them converted in that same session as well!

“The choice to partner with Justuno was not just about adopting a technology solution but a strategic move to align with a partner capable of addressing the nuanced challenges of Happy V’s evolving digital landscape.

This collaboration between Happy V and Justuno shows the power of lead capture technology in propelling revenue growth.”
Olivia Grant

Olivia Grant, Growth & Partnerships Director, Growth Gurus

Justuno + Growth Gurus

Growth Gurus is a long-time top-tier partner of Justuno—their team is focused on helping DTC brands grow through automation and customer value optimization. By harnessing marketing automation technology to empower brands across every industry, Growth Gurus ensures brands connect deeply and effectively with their customers for impactful growth. To see what Growth Gurus can do for you with Justuno, request a complimentary audit from us here!

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