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Discount Filter Store

10X List Growth & Data Transparency

Discount Filter Store is a one-stop-shop filter supply store for health-conscious consumers looking to purify their home's water and air. They wanted the same thing when it came to optimizing their onsite experience and collecting leads/data. Discount Filter Store came to Justuno with their agency QuaGrowth looking for an optimized email collection process and data transparency in their campaigns.

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With Justuno, Discount Filter Store implemented a new email lead capture to drive near-instant results that carried over between their Magento 1 and 2 re-platforming, ESP migration from Bronto to Klaviyo, and more.


Email list



1-day revenue attribution

to email*


Annual revenue attribution

to Justuno


Engaged conversion rate vs.

3.76% conversion rate*

*over 90 days

How We Did It

High-Converting Lead Capture for Consistent Growth

Discount Filter Store has been with Justuno for three years, initially coming to Justuno due to a lack of transparency with their previous provider. They averaged a <1% email opt-in rate before QuaGrowth took over and implemented Justuno.

Once they integrated Justuno onto their Magento 1 store and with ESP provider Bronto, they started to see quality emails at scale within days of launching. Discount Filter Store went from <1% to over 10% email opt-in rates from their visitors, making it a critical part of their MarTech stack.

The transparency in Justuno’s reporting dashboard makes it easy for QuaGrowth to articulate with Discount Filter Store what’s working & what isn’t, along with matching up KPIs to their ESP’s dashboard for an even clearer picture of the customer journey and attribution.

When it came time for Discount Filter Store to upgrade from Magento 1 to 2, Justuno was the first app they re-installed the day they went live. And then again, in 2022, when Bronto was coming to its EOL, Discount Filter Store migrated over to Klaviyo, and their Justuno integration was set up with just a few clicks.

Collecting email and soon adding SMS into the mix is critical for Discount Filter Store; their product catalog ranges from the big-ticket whole-home systems down to a single air filter. Making each subscriber a valuable opportunity for strong lifetime value and repeat purchases for the filters to support their healthy lifestyles.

To make their strategies stand out, QuaGrowth uses a seasonal approach to Discount Filter Store’s lead captures, changing them out for monthly holidays and seasonal themes. 

Email Engagement + Conversion

While we know that collecting email subscribers is the first step to building a relationship beyond the first site visit, it’s not the whole story. Engaging with a promotion has a direct correlation to conversion rates, which is why engagement with a Justuno promotion leads to a conversion rate of 25.69% vs. just 3.76% without.

This act of subscribing to emails immediately makes the visitor more engaged with Discount Filter Store’s offering, signals a higher intent at the time, and allows them to showcase their main differentiators via owned channels. Within this industry, it is crucial to point out core competencies and the why behind Discount Filter Store vs. alternative filter options, and Justuno lead captures give them the opportunity to do that!

Justuno + QuaGrowth

Discount Filter Store isn’t the only client that QuaGrowth uses Justuno for; they have used the platform for years, servicing 60+ brands with Justuno. Not to mention that Discount Filter Store has 3 additional storefronts that utilize Justuno for the same email and SMS collection success.

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