Social Incentive Platform

Offer fans and followers rewards

Boost your Social Media Campaigns & Sales using the Justuno
Social Incentive Widget. Offer website visitors instant coupons in
exchange for a Facebook Like, Tweet, Google +1 and more!

Behavioral Technology

Increase Sale Conversion with Targeted Offers

Segment website visitors and present special offers based
off easy to set up rules in your account admin!

Build Your Mailing List

Give coupons for newsletter signups!

Grows your email marketing audience fast

Easily Integrates with populer email services

Social Marketing Widget
Social Marketing Behavioral Targeting
Email Newsletter Mailing List Campaign

Integrates easily with all platforms:

Magento, Shopify, Xcart, BigCommerce see a big platform list here

What are the key benefits?

Engage Visitors: Convert up to 5% of daily website traffic

Social Marketing: Grow your social audience

Email Marketing: Capture email leads

Sales: Increase sale conversion by 20%

Lead Generation: Capture highly qualified leads

User Experience: Save customers from coupon hunting

Social SEO and much more

Justuno Integrates Easily With Any eCommerce Platform

Big Commerce Social Marketing App
Magento Social Marketing App
Shopify Social Marketing App
Social Marketing App

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See what our clients have to say:

Increase Facebook Fans
Increase Followers
Get more likes

It's a geat acquisition tool to build our customer base for future promotion campaigns.


"Justuno played a huge role in helping our company reach 2012's social media audience."


"We have gained over 125 thousand loyal Facebook fans in one year thanks to Justuno."