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69% Instagram Opt-In Rates & Automated Influencer Marketing

Moana is an Australian swimwear brand known for its bright styles and cheeky cuts. As they’ve grown, Moana has focused on building a customer community encouraging customers to engage and share their experiences on social media. Their marketing agency, Andzen, wanted to unlock the full potential of Moana’s strong social media presence and dedicated community, alongside their tech-savvy customer base using automation. Using Justuno in conjunction with influencer marketing platform Gatsby and email marketing platform Klaviyo—they were able to do just that.

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With Justuno, Moana was able to implement a double opt-in lead capture collecting both emails and Instagram handles which were fed into Gatsby and Klaviyo. This triggered multiple cross-platform campaigns and automations designed to reward and encourage specific customer actions such as:

  • Submitting user-generated content (UGC)
  • Repeat purchase
  • Spreading brand awareness

In the end, this program launch and automation creation lead to:


Instagram Opt-In


Conversion Rate from

Launch Email >> Onsite Opt-In

Moana & Justuno

How Andzen Did It

High-Performing Lead Captures: New & Returning Visitors

The first step to automating this process was to build a lead capture for Moana’s customers to submit their Instagram handles. Andzen optimized their existing email lead captures for Moana to include an additional screen on all pop-ups targeted at new customers featuring the Instagram handle field, as well as building an additional pop-up targeting existing customers. The second pop-up only asked for the customer’s Instagram handle and informed them that they’d get rewarded if they tagged Moana in their posts.

This newsletter + Instagram handle pop-up was incredibly effective. Of those who signed up for Moana’s newsletter via email, 68.9% also entered their Instagram handle.

In tandem with this onsite collection, Andzen built a launch campaign to send to current Moana email subscribers featuring the same incentive disclaimer, and when customers clicked through to Moana’s website, a pop-up featuring just the Instagram handle opt-in would fire.

Compared to Klaviyo benchmarks for the apparel and accessories industries, this launch campaign’s click rate was 30.8% higher, and the conversion rate was 24X higher than the industry average.

From here, Instagram handles were fed into Gatsby to identify and organize users based on attributes, such as follower count and influence, to set up appropriate specific rewards over a blanket incentive.

Personalized Email Automations

To build on this program growth, Andzen created four Klaviyo email automations for Moana powered by Gatsby data, including an influencer nurture series and exclusive post-purchase series. The post-purchase series was a vital component of Moana’s plan since it featured affiliate codes for customers to share with their followers when posting online about their recent purchase. Social proof is key for shoppers, and 70% value their peer’s opinions when it comes to evaluating the trustworthiness of the brand. Making these affiliates a huge motivator for first-time buyers through establishing trust and spreading brand awareness by harnessing the trust an audience puts in those they follow online.

The second phase of Andzen’s email plan involved adding a block into existing high-performing email automations that encouraged customers to sign-up their Instagram handles & touted the benefits of doing so. This provided a long-term opportunity for customers to share their Instagram handle at different points in the customer journey. This allows Moana to continue to grow its program with little extra effort using proven email campaigns.

This automation series again blew Klaviyo performance benchmarks out of the water with an open rate 76% higher than the average, a click rate 520% above the average, and, most importantly, an order/conversion rate 764.9% above the benchmark!

Moana & Justuno
Justuno & Andzen

Justuno + Andzen

Andzen is a long-time friend of Justuno and a certified agency partner—their team is focused on creating a holistic brand experience for clients, from their lead captures and email marketing to their loyalty programs and influencer experience. Andzen is a customer journey focused-agency that strives to be at the forefront of e-commerce marketing, creating a 1:1 experience for Shopify & Shopify Plus brands. To get started with Andzen, reach out to  to request a free audit.

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