The Top-Performing Q4 E-commerce Promotion Designs

Q4 is madness for any e-commerce retailer or online business. Not only is it shopping season, but it’s a challenging time for your business to pull out all the last stops to try and rake in some end-of-the-year sales.

There’s not a more important time than the last three months of the year to have your online acquisition and nurture strategy well-oiled and converting.

Here at Justuno, we wanted to take a peek inside our users’ Q4 performance and pick out the highest-converting e-commerce pop-up promotion designs, analyze them, and outline why they might be a good idea for you to implement, too.

One note: I only considered promotions with more than 10,000 sessions so we could be sure there were a lot of data to back up the conversion rate. At Justuno, we define a session as a unique visitor’s entire duration of your site followed by 30 minutes of inactivity. You can find out how we define the terms we use within Justuno in our Glossary here.

After omitting all of the top-converting promos under 10,000 sessions, I was left with 8 promotions that led the pack.

Let’s have a look at each:

#1: Greetabl New Visitor 10% Off Promo


Company: Greetabl

Device: Desktop

Q4 Sessions: 46,378

Q4 Conversion rate: 69.67%

Success Analysis

Here’s why this pop-up is converting:

    • The tone of voice aligns with the brand, they’ve chosen to use cheeky opt-out text instead of a “close button”. Here’s why that works >
    • The “submit” button is most prominent and attention-getting, so the visitor is more likely to engage with it
    • The offer is 10% off first order: attractive enough for a first-time visitor, reasonable for the business owner to maintain good margins
    • Amount of screen real estate: this offer is NOT a full-screen overlay, but still takes quite a prominent percentage of the visitor browser. Hard to ignore!
    • Delay on show: Greetabl has a slight delay on when they show this New Visitor popup. It’s important not to slam your visitors immediately with an ask. Give them a bit of time to settle into your site and then try to pique their interest.

#2: eGlobal Central Cart Abandonment


Company: eGlobal Central – France

Device: Desktop

Q4 Sessions: 10,299

Q4 Conversion rate: 63.84%

Success Analysis

This cart abandonment offer is converting because:

    • The offer is big and in-your-face. The 5.99 euro discount is hard to visually ignore.
    • The close button doesn’t draw more attention than the submit button. Many times these turn into competing elements, but as long as your main CTA button stands out more, you will have higher conversion rates.

Targeting rules are specific to their cart page and geo-targeted to France. Here’s why geo-targeting is a strong conversion tactic.

#3: $5 Off for New Visitors


Company: Omitted for privacy purposes

Device: Desktop

Q4 Sessions: 26,591

Q4 Conversion rate: 58.98%

Success Analysis

Here’s why this New Visitor offer converts:

    • Even though we have to omit the branding for client privacy reasons, branding is actually the strongest thing about this offer design. They found a tasteful way to include their logo at the top (which we have omitted) and the color scheme matches their website: both 2, strong trust-building elements.
    • The dollar amount off is big and bolded – no missing it! Also, they’ve chosen to give a dollar amount off which could sometimes be more attractive than a percentage. This would be a good A/B test to run.
    • Targeting rules are specific to New Visitors, those who haven’t placed an order before and exclude visitors from referral campaigns and email

#4: Window Shopper Exit Offer



Device: Desktop

Q4 Sessions: 52,213

Q4 Conversion rate: 50.62%

Success Analysis

This Exit offer is converting because:

    • The dollar amount off ($10) is large and bolded – we recommend this as a best practice to draw the most attention to the offer being made. Again, in this example, they’ve chosen to give a dollar amount instead of a percentage. A/B test to see what works best for your audience.
    • Targets visitors who are exiting the site after viewing 2 or more pages and excludes visitors who are logged-in and/or on cart page.

#5: MyIntent 15% Locked Exit Offer


Company: MyIntent

Device: Desktop

Q4 Sessions: 27,139

Q4 Conversion rate: 48.15%

Success Analysis

Here’s why this cart abandonment & exit intent offer is converting:

    • 15% is higher than many typical exit offers – if you can swing offering something higher than 10% and still maintain good margins on your product, do it!
    • This offer appears only when users are exiting the cart or products page, ensuring it captures those who have high intent to buy and those who could be just “window shopping”.

#6: Little Poppy Co. Prebuilt New Visitor Offer

I love it when I see JU customers use a pre-built offer in their marketing because you really can tailor them and customize them, but save a lot of time on things like targeting rules. Here’s a top-converting pre-built example from this Q4:


Company: Little Poppy Co.

Device: Desktop

Q4 Sessions: 15,293

Q4 Conversion rate: 47.3%

Success Analysis

Here’s why this Free Shipping offer is converting:

    • First of all, Free Shipping is hands-down the highest-converting offer we saw across the board here at Justuno this year. Since this is a Free Shipping offer, it lends itself to being very attractive for potential buyers.
    • This brand has chosen to use a product image in its pop-up – smart move! Using a product image is a branding “best practice” and also lends itself to increasing trust in potential buyers.
    • This offer only shows to New Visitors or visitors who have visited less than 5 times. Targeting rules like this allow for you to be confident this offer is only getting displayed to those who are new to your site and not returning visitors.

#7: Mobile Exit Offer makes the list again! This is our first mobile offer in this top-performer shortlist, so let’s break down its success:



Device: Mobile

Q4 Sessions: 10,675

Q4 Conversion rate: 47.01%

Success Analysis

This mobile offer is converting because:

    • 39DollarGlasses has done a good job of duplicating a well-performing offer and tweaking it for mobile real estate. Just like their desktop offer, the mobile offer here has the discount large and easy to see.
    • Secondly, they’re employing mobile offer best practices: this offer doesn’t show until someone has browsed more than 4 pages! Super. This is qualifying that the mobile visitor could be “window shopping” or have a higher intent to buy. So a 15% discount is more qualified for this visitor than someone who’s just landed on your mobile site.
    • The CTA is action-oriented. Using an action word like “get” or “reveal” makes a big difference in user engagement. People are more likely to engage with action words.

#8: Bottle Keeper $5 off Geo-Targeted (Australia) Offer


Company: BottleKeeper

Device: Desktop

Q4 Sessions: 10,188

Q4 Conversion rate: 44.9%

Success Analysis

Here’s why this New Visitor offer is converting:

    • They’ve identified a specific geographic region that is converting well: Australia! This offer only shows to Aussie visitors. Check out how you can do some geotargeting pop-ups for yourself here.
    • The rules exclude visitors from email, making sure they’re not hitting existing subscribers with irrelevant messaging.
    • The discount amount is big and bold! Again, not easy to miss or ignore.
    • They’ve elected to use “cheeky opt-out text” like Greetabl’s example in #1.

Time to Improve Your Email Pop-ups

Now that you’re (hopefully) inspired by some Justuno data, I encourage you to hop into your account and set up a new offer TODAY.

Devote half an hour to set up something new using one of the success stories above for inspiration! That’s not much time to build a lead acquisition/nurture tool on your site that can result in increased engagement and sales in a month’s time!

If you need any how-to’s, our Youtube channel is populating with new, useful guides and you can always email your account rep with any questions on setting up an offer similar to above.

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