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10 Email List Building Tactics That Land High Quality Leads

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As a marketer, you constantly have to acquire new email subscribers because every year that goes by, more email addresses become inactive or unresponsive. On the flip side, more and more email addresses are being created every day opening up more opportunity to reach individuals.

But why is building your email list so important? Email marketing is the most effective way to reach your visitors directly and pretty much everyone has an email address. Yes, I know these are glaring generalizations so let me back them up with some facts:

    • Email has an ROI of $41 for every dollar spent compared to $12.71 for Social Media and $22.24 for paid search. *

    • There are around 4.1 billion email accounts around the world. That is twice as many as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts combined. **

    • Email lists are part of the value of the company. A large email list is an asset and will increase the value of your company if and when your company is sold.

Email List Building Tactics

Here is a list of ten list building tactics that will enable you to generate high-quality leads who are interested in your website offerings.

I’ve also provided some conversion rate optimization tools below that you can use to implement these tactics to your current lead generation strategy.

1. Gated Content Offer

Offer your website visitors a free e-book, white paper, or video and require them to enter an email address to gain access to the content. Adding an incentive to your opt-in forms can dramatically increase email capture but be sure to offer something that is valuable and significant to your ideal leads and customers. Your leads will be much more responsive.

2. Sweepstakes

Offer visitors the choice of entering sweepstakes for a big ticket item by submitting their email address. This is a smart way to obtain new leads by not giving away too much. Isle Surf Boards implemented this tactic by offering visitors the chance to win an inflatable stand up paddleboard. One in four visitors who were presented with the opt-in form entered an email address. Over the course of 80 days, the sweepstakes resulted in an average of 40 newly acquired emails per day and a total of 3,321 emails!

3. Exchange Coupons for Emails

Coupons are a very powerful incentive. Present your visitors with an offer in which they can receive a coupon instantly by entering their email address. The added incentive will increase the number of visitors who join your mailing list. The added benefit is the coupon will encourage shoppers to complete a purchase on that visit.

4. Incentivized Email Pop-Ups

I mentioned the benefit of adding incentives to your forms above. To truly capitalize on your traffic, provide an incentive to join your email newsletter and effectively engage visitors by presenting your opt-in form with a pop-up. This is the most powerful way to place your marketing message, incentive, and email opt-in form in front of your visitor’s eyes which will result in increased email capture. The email marketing tool, Justuno will let you incentivize your email pop-ups with any reward you have in mind. Tactics one through three all can be run through Justuno on your site. Justuno also automatically uploads all new contacts to your email marketing service.

5. AdWords List Building Campaign

Chances are you’re running some sort of ad campaign to drive traffic to your website. Drive this traffic to a specific landing page designed to convert visitors into leads. Implement an opt-in pop-up and if you can, add an incentive. Incentivized opt-in forms increase engagement by up to 300% over normal opt-in forms. Both Facebook ads and Google AdWords are the most popular PPC advertising providers. Here’s a helpful guide on how to increase ROI of PPC campaigns.

6. Guest Blogging

Guest posting can be a very effective strategy for spreading your content and driving traffic back to your site. Typically, other sites will only allow you one or two links back to your site. Instead of sending traffic from your guest post to a general place on your website, create an extremely focused landing page, optimize it for conversions, and send the traffic there. Have an opt-in form or pop-up plus an incentive.

7. Host Webinars

Webinars are an excellent way to obtain email addresses as well as other lead information. While you may not acquire a bunch of contacts, you will get a solid amount of high-quality leads. These leads are also signing up to spend an hour with you so the opportunity to create and develop relationships is huge! Another great tactic is to co-host a webinar with a fellow business or colleague to gain access to their contacts. Join.me is a terrific conference call tool and will let you seamlessly run your webinars.

8. Surveys

This is a great way to gain feedback on your site, products, or services while also gaining new leads. While you may not snag a ton of new leads with this tactic, you can be sure that they are engaging and responsive individuals because they put in the effort to complete the survey. Require them to provide an email and ask them if they want to subscribe to your mailing list. Nobody likes to get blindsided by emails that they unknowingly subscribed to so be sure to offer the option. By being upfront, you can instill trust with your website visitors.

9. LinkedIn Groups

Create a new LinkedIn Group that your ideal leads and customers would be interested in joining. Use this as another channel to spread out your own content as well as other valuable content. create another landing page for your LinkedIn group including an email opt-in form or pop up. When new members join, you will be able to send them a welcome email. Include the link for the landing page with copy like “Receive the latest industry updates here” or “Confirm your membership here.” The key is to drive traffic to the landing page which you have designed for email opt-in conversions.

10. Twitter

There’s no shame in asking your Twitter followers to subscribe to your mailing list. Here’s a template:

  1. Ask them to Join
  2. Tell them what’s in it for them. Is it a free white paper? Are you going to send them the latest industry updates? Promise them something of value that you believe will get them to convert….and deliver on your promise!
  3. Be honest with them to validate trust. Some ideas are testimonials, amount of subscribers, or the frequency of how often you’ll be sending them emails.

In Conclusion

Implement these tactics into your email lead generation strategy and you will see positive results in both the quantity and quality of your email contacts. Remember, it’s a constant effort to build and maintain your email list. You must continue to find new ways to reach your ideal customers. It starts with acquiring leads on your website and on your landing pages because these are the individuals most interested in what you offer.

If you have your own list building tactics that should be added to the list, I’d love to hear them. Please share your tactics in the comments below!


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