How Rad Power Bikes Increased Sales Conversion by 32% with Two Simple Tactics


Since 2007, Seattle-based Rad Power Bikes has been changing the transportation game one e-bike at a time. They offer the most versatile line of electric bicycles at an accessible price point compared to other e-bike manufacturers. Rad Power Bikes has not only created bicycles suitable for commutes but a vehicle that can replace a car for city dwellers.

I recently talked with Tyler Collins, VP of Sales and Marketing at Rad Power Bikes, about the company’s recent success, growth & lead generation, and e-commerce sales strategy. Here’s a summary of the topics we discussed below.

Email Capture

Sales usually don’t happen immediately and first-time shoppers almost never convert into a sale upon their first visit. But actually converting that traffic is imperative in e-commerce marketing. Rad Power Bikes put an emphasis on converting more of their everyday traffic into email subscribers.

Why email? Email is still the number one marketing channel for sales, outperforming both social and search traffic. In short, if you want to drive e-commerce sales, you need to build your email list and invest in email marketing.  

For Rad Power Bikes, email marketing is an incredibly important channel to contact visitors because their sales cycle is longer than your typical e-commerce site. They sell high ticket items which, in many cases, requires several touches through marketing emails before a shopper ends up purchasing.

Email List Building Tactics


To better convert their traffic and build their email list, Rad Power Bikes implemented an email pop-up simply asking visitors to subscribe to their newsletter. This method of engaging website traffic led to a 302% increase in daily email capture!

In a different study, Rad Power Bikes ran a 10-week contest in which visitors could enter to win a $500 gift card. Traffic was engaged in the same manner, via an email pop up asking shoppers to enter their email for a chance to win. Over the contest period, Rad Power Bikes acquired 3,800 new email sign-ups!

rad_power_bikes_feature.pngUPDATE: A recent Yahoo article on the RadMini Electric Bike caused a traffic spike on the Rad site, a huge conversion opportunity. In just one day, they captured 552 emails at a 4.5% conversion rate! By simply engaging this new traffic with an email pop up, they were able to acquire new email leads and set up more sales opportunities.

E-Commerce Sales Conversion

While converting traffic early on in the session is key for the top of the sales funnel, driving shoppers to purchase is the end goal of all sales and marketing strategy. Two big problems for Rad Power Bikes, and many e-commerce retailers are low sales conversion rate and shopping cart abandonment.

Rad Power Bikes decided to try out a shopping cart abandonment specific exit offer to see if it made a sales conversion impact. The offer would only show to visitors who attempted to leave the cart page and would offer them a discount code that they could redeem right on site. The results were astounding.

With the implementation of the exit offer, Rad Power Bikes saw a 32% increase in sales conversion.



Why does this work? There are many factors that go into a purchasing decision, but it almost always boils down to price and shipping. By fulfilling a shopper’s needs on price or on shipping options, they are much more likely to purchase from you. Combine that with an engagement at a critical point in the purchasing process and you will convert more sales.



Rad Power Bikes recently opened their first retail location in Seattle, Washington and wanted a way to drive more people to their brick and mortar location. A quick implementation of a geo-targeted pop up specific to the Seattle area provided a personalized experience for shoppers. The pop up encouraged Seattle based shoppers to schedule a test ride.


By using a pop-up overlay, Rad Power Bikes was able to geo-target shoppers, quickly implement a marketing message on site, and not sacrifice “above the fold” space on their website to this message. Not to mention, provide an engaging route to sign up for a sweet electric bike ride!

Key Takeaways

First, building your email list is absolutely critical for e-commerce success and email pop-ups are an effective method. It not only makes email marketing campaigns more successful but also provides curated audiences for retargeting campaigns.


Second, fulfilling shopper’s key needs like price and free shipping prevent visitors from shopping around and drive them complete purchases. It tough enough to get shoppers to cart and checkout pages so engage them with offers that will nudge them to buy from you!


Lastly, engaging shoppers with promotions or notifications doesn’t require a site redesign or hours of development time. Use a pop-up overlay instead! Quick implementation, robust visitor targeting, and much more engaging than a normal website banner. 

Want to implement these marketing tactics and start converting more traffic today? Hop on a free 14 day trial of Justuno’s conversion rate optimization suite!

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